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  • 26 Big Things Small Hands Do

    26 Big Things Small Hands Do

    Written by Coleen Paratore
    Illustrated by Mike Reed
    2-4 Years
    As you go through the alphabet, don’t forget the ABCs of mitzvot. Performing good deeds is something even the littlest among us can do.

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  • A Basket Full of Figs

    A Basket Full of Figs

    Written by Ori Elon
    Illustrated by Menahem Halberstadt
    6-7 Years
    When the Roman Emperor gallops through the village, no one dares to leave the house, except for a one-hundred-year-old old man planting a fig. Will he enjoy it's fruits? A new adaptation of the Talmudic story about faith in the future and the gifts that every man leaves for generations to come.

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  • A Hanukkah with Mazel

    A Hanukkah with Mazel

    Written by Joel Stein
    Illustrated by Elisa Vavouri
    5-6 Years
    Poor Misha! He spends Hanukkah all by his lonesome... until Mazel, a hungry barn cat, strolls into his life. Misha may not have enough money to light Hanukkah candles, but with a little luck -- or Mazel! -- he can use his art to bring some light to the holiday.

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  • A Hole in the Boat

    A Hole in the Boat

    Written by Adi Zelichov Ralevi
    Illustrated by Shiraz Poman
    6-7 Years
    Ten sailors sail together in a great ship. What happens when one sailor decides to drill a hole only in his cabin? An amusing version of an ancient story that illustrates the well-known myth that “all of Israel are responsible for one another.”

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • All the World

    All the World

    Written by Liz Garton Scanlon
    Illustrated by Marla Frazee
    3-4 Years
    As this lovely book reminds us, the world is filled with beautiful things -- big and small. The trick is to remember to take note of them.

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  • Antlers with Candles

    Antlers with Candles

    Written by Chris Barash
    Illustrated by Melissa Iwai
    3-4 Years
    Even if children are too young to understand the historyEverything looks new when seen from a child’s perspective, including menorahs, dreidels, and latkes. But family togetherness is something everyone understands.

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  • Around the Passover Table

    Around the Passover Table

    Written by Tracy Newman
    Illustrated by Adriana Santos
    3-4 Years
    Everyone's gathered together for Passover, and now it's time to go through the ritual steps! Read along as this family makes its way from the beginning of the seder to the end...in rhyme.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Baby Be Kind

    Baby Be Kind

    Written by Jane Cowen-Fletcher
    Illustrated by Jane Cowan-Fletcher
    6 Mo 2 Years
    Everyone can take part in tikkun olam (repairing the world). Petting a puppy, sharing snacks, and helping someone who has fallen down all help make the world a little better.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Bitter and Sweet

    Bitter and Sweet

    Written by Sandra V. Feder
    Illustrated by Kyrsten Brooker
    6-7 Years
    Hannah’s family is moving -- and Hannah feels bitter about it. Her grandmother tells her that when she left the old country, she felt the same way, but reminds her that every hard time has a little bit of sweetness, too. When Hannah meets a new neighbor her age, she begins to see what her grandmother means.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Bone Button Borscht

    Bone Button Borscht

    Written by Aubrey Davis
    Illustrated by Dusan Petricic
    5-7 Years
    In this gentle retelling of the Stone Soup tale, an imaginative beggar teaches the miserly residents of a shtetl the spirit of community.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

    Chicken Soup, Chicken Soup

    Written by Pamela Mayer
    Illustrated by Deborah Melmon
    6-7 Years
    Lucky Sophie has two grandmas, Bubbe and Nai Nai, and they both love to cook. Each grandma has her own family recipe for chicken soup -- and each soup is yummy! As Sophie learns more about these soups, she soon realizes they're actually very similar, even though they've each got their own delicious flavor.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • ¿Dónde está Shmata?

    ¿Dónde está Shmata?

    Written by Tana Ross
    Illustrated by Elisa Kleven
    3-4 Years
    Shmata is missing! Is it there behind the pillow or is that an armadillo? Lift the flaps to help the little girl in this book find her beloved blankie in this sweet story set in Latin America.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express

    Engineer Ari and the Sukkah Express

    Written by Deborah Bodin Cohen
    Illustrated by Shahar Kober
    3-4 Years
    Engineer Ari stops to see all his friends as he drives his train to Jerusalem, and each one helps him gather the supplies he needs for his sukkah. But when Sukkot arrives, he wishes they could all share the holiday with him! When he goes back to the train station, he finds a surprise waiting.

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  • Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel

    Fast Asleep in a Little Village in Israel

    Written by Jennifer Tzivia MacLeod
    Illustrated by Tiphanie Beeke
    3-4 Years
    Mrs. Strauss is having trouble sleeping -- her animal neighbors are making too much of a ruckus! But soon the rains fall, and with them, a welcoming hush arrives. She’s not the only one who’s happy about it.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Found


    Written by Salina Yoon
    Illustrated by Salina Yoon
    3-4 Years
    When Bear finds a stuffed bunny in the forest, he starts looking for its owner. But soon he gets to like the bunny! What will happen when the owner comes forward?

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Hammerin' Hank

    Hammerin' Hank

    Written by Yona Zeldis McDonough
    Illustrated by Malcah Zeldis
    8+ Years
    This story introduces Hank Greenberg, baseball superstar and the first Jewish inductee to the Hall of Fame. Greenberg’s story takes place at a time when “outsiders” were breaking through barriers in American professional sports.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Hanukkah Bear

    Hanukkah Bear

    Written by Eric A. Kimmel
    Illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
    Bubba Brayna has invited the rabbi to join her in a lovely Hanukkah dinner! But Bubba Brayna is very old, and she doesn't see very well. When a guest arrives at her door, she thinks it's the rabbi...but it's not. And this guest is hungry!

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Havdalah Sky

    Havdalah Sky

    Written by Chris Barash
    Illustrated by Sarita Rich
    6 Mo 2 Years
    Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, is a time for cozy family togetherness. But come Saturday evening, Shabbat is over. The family in the story, a young girl joined by her Mama, Ima, Savta, and Saba, gathers together to perform the rituals of Havdalah, marking the end of Shabbat and the return to the work week. Together they show just how cozy even the end of Shabbat can be.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Hillel Builds a House

    Hillel Builds a House

    Written by Shoshana Lepon
    Illustrated by Angeles Ruiz
    4-5 Years
    Hillel loves building little play houses, but they keep not quite working. His Purim house gets soaked, and his Hanukkah house is a fire hazard. But then, Sukkot comes along...a holiday perfect for building houses!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Hillel Takes a Bath

    Hillel Takes a Bath

    Written by Vicki L. Weber
    Illustrated by John Joven
    5-6 Years
    When Rabbi Hillel tells his students that he’s using a cloth to do a mitzvah, they’re all confused. What mitzah could he possibly be doing that involves a cloth? Here’s a hint: They’re forgetting about the mitzvah of taking care of one’s body. Here’s another: After reading this book, you might be in the mood for a good bubble bath!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • How Do Candles Light the Night?

    How Do Candles Light the Night?

    Written by Tish Rabe
    Illustrated by Renee Andriani-Williams
    7-8 Years
    Simmy and Sammy like to get to the bottom of things -- scientifically. So when it’s time to light candles to usher in Shabbat, they don’t just want to know why...they want to know how!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • How to Heal a Broken Wing

    How to Heal a Broken Wing

    Written by Bob Graham
    Illustrated by Bob Graham
    4-5 Years
    All the grownups in the city were too busy to notice. Only a small child saw the injured pigeon lying helplessly on the sidewalk. This quiet story of a boy, a bird, and a broken wing relates the power of compassion, patience, and hope.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • I Love Camp!

    I Love Camp!

    Written by Todd Parr
    Illustrated by Todd Parr
    3-4 Years
    A great way to introduce the concept of camp to little ones!

    $0.00 ea. [3 remaining]

  • In the Jerusalem Forest

    In the Jerusalem Forest

    Written by Devora Busheri
    Illustrated by Noa Kelner
    3-4 Years
    This story, inspired by a poem by Israeli national poet Hayim Nahman Bialik, captures a quiet moment of intimacy between mother and daughter in the the vast Jerusalem forest.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • It's Challah Time!

    It's Challah Time!

    Written by Latifa Berry Kropf
    Illustrated by Tod Cohen
    6 Mo-2 Years
    Photographs showcase children in a Jewish preschool as they prepare for Shabbat, the Jewish Sabbath, by making challah, a traditional, braided egg bread.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Itzhak, a Boy Who Loved the Violin

    Itzhak, a Boy Who Loved the Violin

    Written by Tracy Newman
    Illustrated by Abigail Halpin
    7-8 Years
    Young Itzhak Perlman loves the violin...but he does not love practicing. After a near-fatal bout with polio, Itzhak learns to persevere -- and before long, he finds himself on the international stage.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Just Enough and Not Too Much

    Just Enough and Not Too Much

    Written by Kaethe Zemach
    Illustrated by Kaethe Zemach
    3-4 Years
    Simon is a fiddler who loves a lot of things -- and consequently fills his house with a lot of stuff! Eventually there’s so much stuff there’s barely room to move around. What should he do?

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Kibitzers and Fools

    Kibitzers and Fools

    Written by Simms Taback
    Illustrated by Simms Taback
    8+ Years
    Care to learn a bisl Yiddish? With a little chutzpah and a lot of charm, this book -- written and illustrated by the late, great Simms Taback -- will give you just a shtickle of the colorful, expressive language of Ashkenazi Jewry.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Kishka for Koppel

    Kishka for Koppel

    Written by Aubrey Davis
    Illustrated by Sheldon Cohen
    8+ Years
    In this retelling of a Jewish tale, a magic meat grinder helps a poor Jewish couple recognize their blessings after the three wishes it grants them don’t bring the happiness they expect.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat

    Latkes, Latkes, Good to Eat

    Written by Naomi Howland
    Illustrated by Naomi Howland
    4-5 Years
    In this retelling of the well-known tale, an old woman gives Sadie a frying pan that will continue to make potato pancakes until it hears the magic words that will make it stop.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Laundry Day

    Laundry Day

    Maurie J Manning
    4-7 years
    Years In a picture book that blends realism and fantasy, a shoeshine boy is surprised when a piece of red silk falls from the sky. Trying to find its owner, he ventures up and down fire escapes, back and forth across clotheslines, and into the company of the colorfully diverse people who live in the tenement. Lively pages laid out in multiple panels, with a few words of text in dialogue balloons, capture the exhilarating action, and foreign language phrases are translated on the endpapers. There is a cheerful side to a neighborhood packed with people of different origins—the opportunity to make friends across race lines, culture lines, and clotheslines!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Lilah Tov, Good Night

    Lilah Tov, Good Night

    Written by Mister G
    Illustrated by Noar Lee Naggan
    2-3 Years
    This family is leaving home on a long trip under cover of night. We don't know why they're leaving or where they're going, but we do know on their journey, they take comfort in the natural world around them, and repeat "lilah tov" (good night) to the creatures they meet along the way.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

    Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse

    Written by Kevin Henkes
    Illustrated by Kevin Henkes
    6-7 Years
    Lilly loves her purse -- but when she disrupts class with it, her teacher has to take it away for a while. Lilly doesn't react so well... and soon she's going to have to learn how to say two of the most important words: "I'm sorry."

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Listen! Israel's All Around

    Listen! Israel's All Around

    Written by Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh
    Illustrated by Steve Mack
    2-3 Years
    From the shuk to the kibbutz, Israel is a dynamic country filled with amazing sights to see...and sounds to go with them.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Little Red Rosie

    Little Red Rosie

    Written by Eric A. Kimmel
    Illustrated by Monica Gutierrez
    2-3 Years
    With Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, just around the corner, Little Red Rosie wants to make a round challah to celebrate the holiday. Who will help her make the challah -- and then eat it? You might be surprised!

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Maddi's Fridge

    Maddi's Fridge

    Written by Lois Brandt
    Illustrated by Vin Vogel
    7-8 Years
    When Sofia learns that her best friend, Maddi, doesn't have enough food in her fridge, she wants to help -- but Maddi has asked Sofia not to tell anyone. What should Sofia do?

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Marven of the Great North Woods

    Marven of the Great North Woods

    Written by Kathryn Lasky
    Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes
    6+ Years
    When a flu epidemic strikes Duluth, Minnesota, a young boy’s parents send him far away, to the safety of a logging camp in the North Woods. There he finds an unlikely friend in a burly French-Canadian lumberjack.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Meet the Latkes

    Meet the Latkes

    Written by Alan Silberberg
    Illustrated by Alan Silberberg
    7-8 Years
    Grandpa Latke is telling the rest of the Latke family the story of Hanukkah -- but he seems to be a little confused about some the details. Is it Mega Bees or Maccabees? Can someone please set Grandpa straight?

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Mitzi's Mitzvah

    Mitzi's Mitzvah

    Written by Gloria Koster
    Illustrated by Holli Conger
    2-3 Years
    There’s nothing Mitzi loves more than to perform a mitzvah -- even if she is just a puppy! When she visits the local nursing home, she helps the residents celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and does a bunch of mitzvot along the way.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Mr. Tempkin Climbs a Tree

    Mr. Tempkin Climbs a Tree

    Written by Cary Fagan
    Illustrated by Carles Arbat
    6-7 Years
    Marky likes spending time with his neighbor, Mr. Tempkin, a lot -- even though there’s quite an age difference between them. His father says this is a mitzvah, but Marky doesn’t understand why until Mr. Tempkin falls from a tree and gets hurt. Now Marky is beginning to learn how being a good friend can also be a good deed.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Mrs. Katz and Tush

    Mrs. Katz and Tush

    Written by Patricia Polacco
    Illustrated by Patricia Polacco
    5-8 Years
    A long-lasting friendship develops between Larnel, a young African-American, and Mrs. Katz, a lonely Jewish widow, when Larnel presents Mrs. Katz with a scrawny kitten.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • My Face Book

    My Face Book

    6 Mo - 2 Years
    Babies adore looking at faces -- whether they’re smiling or frowning, all expressions are captivating. This book offers up some Hebrew while also presenting a variety of fascinating baby faces. Your little one will want to “read” these faces again

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • My Grandfather's Coat

    My Grandfather's Coat

    Written by Jim Aylesworth
    Illustrated by Barbara McClintock
    5-6 Years
    Grandfather made himself a coat when he came to America -- and now it’s wearing out. What do you think he’ll do? (Hint: He doesn’t throw it out!)

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • My Sister Is Sleeping

    My Sister Is Sleeping

    Written by Devora Busheri
    Illustrated by Michel Kichka
    4-5 Years
    This delightful, quiet story by famed Israeli author Devora Busheri describes and older sibling delighting in creation -- specifically, the creation of a beautiful baby sister.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Netta and Her Plant

    Netta and Her Plant

    Written by Ellie Gellman
    Illustrated by Natascia Ugliano
    4-5 Years
    The plant that Netta received on Tu B’Shevat is growing -- and so is Netta. In fact, soon it will be time for the plant -- and Netta -- to do new things. Growing bigger is intimidating, but it’s also wonderful.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Oh No, George!

    Oh No, George!

    Written by Chris Haughton
    Illustrated by Chris Haughton
    3-4 Years
    George is a dog who means well. He really does. But he keeps making mistakes. Soon George learns how to take responsibility for his behavior, make amends, and try to do better the next time. (Emphasis on TRY.)

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Onions and Garlic

    Onions and Garlic

    Written by Rebecca Sheir
    Illustrated by Sabina Hahn
    8+ Years
    This old Yiddish folktale about the economics of supply and demand will delight readers of all ages...and might make them hungry, to boot.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Only Nine Chairs

    Only Nine Chairs

    Written by Deborah Uchill Miller
    Illustrated by Karen Ostrove
    3-4 Years
    How in the world do you handle nineteen guests at a seder when you only have nine chairs?

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Pavel and the Tree Army

    Pavel and the Tree Army

    Written by Heidi Smith Hyde
    Illustrated by Elisa Vavouri
    7-8 Years
    Pavel is a new American, and he’s excited to take part in making his adopted country beautiful -- so he joins an army corps that’s dedicated to planting trees! Some of the people he works with are less welcoming than others, but Pavel learns that becoming a true American is a little like planting your roots in a new land.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand

    Pearl Moscowitz's Last Stand

    Written by Arthur Levine
    Illustrated by Robert Roth
    7-8 Years
    Pearl loved her street. She loved the people on her street, and she loved the trees on her street -- planted there by her mother years before. So when the city wants to cut them down, it’s time for Pearl to take a stand.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Picture a Tree

    Picture a Tree

    Written by Barbara Reid
    Illustrated by Barbara Reid
    5-6 Years
    Close your eyes and picture a tree. Everyone knows what a tree looks like, right? But there are so many different ways to look at them -- and appreciate all the things that they do.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Queen Vashti’s Comfy Pants

    Queen Vashti’s Comfy Pants

    Written by Leah Berkowitz
    Illustrated by Ruth Bennett
    8+ Years
    Queen Vashti was hanging out with her friends when the King rudely summoned her to entertain him. He didn't even ask nicely! What's a strong, independent woman to do in that situation?

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Rainy Day Story

    Rainy Day Story

    Written by Ruth Calderon
    Illustrated by Noa Kelner
    6-7 Years
    In this ancient story, Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa prays for the rain to stop—and it does! But soon he realizes there are consequences beyond his own comfort.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Raisins and Almonds: A Yiddish Lullaby

    Raisins and Almonds: A Yiddish Lullaby

    Written by Susan Tarcov
    Illustrated by Sonia Sanchez
    5-6 Years
    Annie wakes up to a strange noise under her bed in the middle of the night. Naturally, she asks her mother what’s happening...and the sleepy conversation that follows is the stuff of a classic Yiddish lullaby that has soothed generations of children.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Rebecca’s Journey Home

    Rebecca’s Journey Home

    Written by Brynn Olenberg Sugarman
    Illustrated by Michelle Shapiro
    6-7 Years
    Mr. and Mrs. Stein and their two sons eagerly adopt a baby girl from Vietnam into their Jewish home.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Right Side Up: Adventures in Chelm

    Right Side Up: Adventures in Chelm

    Written by Eric A. Kimmel
    Illustrated by Steve Brown
    8+ Years
    The town of Chelm is filled with the silliest people, which means the stories of Chelm are pretty silly, too. This collection of traditional Chelm stories may have been updated for modern kids, but the humor is timeless.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too!) Return

    Sam and Charlie (and Sam Too!) Return

    Written by Leslie Kimmelman
    Illustrated by Stefano Tambellini
    5-6 Years
    They’re back! Sam and Charlie are best friends who spend holidays -- and regular days -- having fun and learning together (with Charlie’s sister, Sam Too!).

    $0.00 ea. [3 remaining]

  • Sammy Spider's First Passover

    Sammy Spider's First Passover

    Written by Sylvia Rouss
    Illustrated by Katherine Janus Kahn
    3-4 Years
    Poor Sammy! He wants to help Josh Shapiro find the afikomen, but as everyone knows, spiders don’t celebrate Passover -- spiders spin webs!

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Saturdays Are Special

    Saturdays Are Special

    Written by Chris Barash
    Illustrated by Abigail Marble
    3-4 Years
    In this child’s household, Shabbat is different from the rest of the week -- slower, quieter, more peaceful. Most of all, everyone has more time to spend with one another. That’s what makes Saturdays so special.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Shmulik Paints the Town

    Shmulik Paints the Town

    Written by Lisa Chottiner
    Illustrated by Catalina Echeverri
    5-6 Years
    Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel Independence Day, is here -- and the mayor wants Shmulik to paint a mural to celebrate. But what should Shmulik paint?

    $10.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Sign Language Shabbat

    Sign Language Shabbat

    Written by Alisa Greenbacher & Jennifer Rosner
    Illustrated by Shelley Rotner & David Hyde Costello
    2-3 Years
    The children in this book sign words for things people do on Shabbat, such as eat challah, drink wine or grape juice, sing Shabbat songs, and (of course!) read books. Shabbat Shalom!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Signs in the Well

    Signs in the Well

    Written by Shoham Smith
    Illustrated by Vali Mintzi
    7-8 Years
    Akiva liked being a shepherd. He was good at it. But he also wished he could read. As a grown man, he thought it was too late to learn, but one day he notices something inside a well that helps him to think differently.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • Sweet Tamales for Purim

    Sweet Tamales for Purim

    Written by Barbara Bietz
    Illustrated by John Kanzler
    5-6 Years
    Rebecca is excited to share Purim with her best friend, Luis, in their little desert town in the Old West. But then her goat eats the hamantaschen ingredients! What's Purim without hamantaschen? Luis helps Rebecca come up with a sweet solution.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • THANKS from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    THANKS from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Written by Eric Carle
    6 Mo 2 Years
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar has so many reasons to be thankful! Follow the caterpillar on a tour of thank-yous for the many blessings we all share.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • The Book of Jonah

    The Book of Jonah

    Written by Peter E. Spier
    Illustrated by Peter E. Spier
    8+ Years
    It’s the classic story of Jonah and the great fish, retold in synagogues every year on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Jonah doesn’t want to do what God tells him, and tries to run away -- but ultimately he learns there’s no real way to run from your responsibilities.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • The Candlewick

    The Candlewick

    Written by Jennifer Rosner
    Illustrated by Kristina Swarner
    6-7 Years
    Ruthie's friend Bayla is deaf, but Bayla has come up with ways to communicate with the hearing world. When Ruthie realizes Bayla can't hear herdoorbell, Ruthie thinks of another idea to help Bayla stay connected to the world around her.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • The Chameleon That Saved Noah's Ark

    The Chameleon That Saved Noah's Ark

    Written by Yael Molchadsky
    Illustrated by Orit Bergman
    6-7 Years
    Noah’s Ark didn’t just hold animals -- it held food for all those animals to eat. But the chameleons were very picky eaters! No one could have guessed how this problem would be solved.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • The Parakeet Named Dreidel

    The Parakeet Named Dreidel

    Written by Isaac Bashevis Singer
    Illustrated by Suzanne Raphael Berkson
    A parakeet shows up at David’s family’s window one snowy Hanukkah night. When they can’t track down his owners, they happily adopt him as their own pet. But many years later David meets the bird’s original owner, Zelda. How can they both keep theparakeet?

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • The Mitzvah Magician

    The Mitzvah Magician

    Written by Linda Elovitz Marshall
    Illustrated by Christiane Engel
    4-5 Years
    Gabriel loves pretending to be a magician, but his magic wand keeps getting him into trouble. Then he figures out how to be a mitzvah magician, using his powers for good. One-wish, two-wish, Jew-wish!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • The Mystery Bear

    The Mystery Bear

    Written by Leone Adelson
    Illustrated by Naomi Howland
    3-5 Years
    A hungry bear, waking from hibernation, finds himself in the home of an elderly woman as she celebrates the holiday of Purim.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • The Night World

    The Night World

    Written by Mordicai Gerstein
    Illustrated by Mordicai Gerstein
    3-4 Years
    While the rest of the world is asleep, the night world is awake and alert with curiosity and gratitude -- and so are we.

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti

    The Rabbi Slurps Spaghetti

    Written by Leslie Kimmelman
    Illustrated by Sharon Davey
    5-6 Years
    Lena is a kid detective -- and her current case is figuring out what makes Rabbi Max tick! Why is he so involved with the community? She’s watching closely…

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch

    The Tale of Meshka the Kvetch

    Written by Carol Chapman
    Illustrated by Arnold Lobel
    5-6 Years
    Meshka has a tendency to exaggerate -- and she forgets to be grateful for what she has. By the end of this old Yiddish folktale, she’ll learn an important lesson!

    $0.00 ea. [1 remaining]

  • The Wisdom Bird

    The Wisdom Bird

    Written by Sheldon Oberman
    Illustrated by Neil Waldman
    7-8 Years
    In this story based on Jewish and African tales, the Queen of Sheba travels a great distance to meet King Solomon, who is known far and wide for his wisdom. During her visit, both the queen and king learn important lessons from a little bird.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Welcome Song for Baby

    Welcome Song for Baby

    Written by Richard Van Camp
    6 Mo 2 Years
    With delightful photos and engaging text, this book offers a Jewish perspective on the many joys of welcoming a little one into the family.

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street

    When Zaydeh Danced on Eldridge Street

    Written by Elsa Okon Rael
    Illustrated by Marjorie Priceman
    8+ Years
    Zeesie is a little afraid of Zaydeh, her grandfather. He’s always so serious and stern. But when Simchat Torah rolls around, Zeesie sees a different side of him. Something about this holiday brings out joy in everyone -- even Zaydeh!

    $0.00 ea. [2 remaining]

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